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New challenges released daily!

Each morning during the Expedition, players receive an email with their match for the day and three (3) challenges. Harnessing Sukkot themes, such as hospitality, openness, and celebration of harvest, challenges will get you to be silly, creative and thoughtful while getting to know your partner.

Be prepared to sing, dance, build, glue, and create. All three challenges will take no more than one hour to complete in total and no special supplies necessary. 

Day 1

Day 1 Challenge 1

A Sukkah is a temporary-dwelling place in which we dwell: we eat, hang out, and even sleep (weather permitting) in it. It must have at least two-and-a-half walls, and its roof is made of organic material (like leaves, branches, and wood) that allows for a clear view of the sky above.

Create matching makeshift sukkahs (i.e. pillow fort, tent, etc.) Submit a screenshot of your video call so both people and their sukkahs are visible.

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

Day 1 Challenge 2

One of the key values of Sukkot is hachnasat orchim, the welcoming of guests (or just plain old hospitality). There’s even a mystical tradition that our biblical ancestors join us each night of Sukkot as special visitors called ushpizin!

Choose 3 shared values that you want your sukkah to embody and create a welcome sign to show them off. Submit a photo of your welcome sign.

Photo submission. 5 Points.

Day 1 Challenge 3

Video tour – narrate a video tour of your or your partner’s makeshift sukkah. Video should be no more than 30 seconds.

Video submission. 5 Points. 

**Prize Challenge**

Day 2

Day 2 Challenge 1

The ancient Israelites were agriculturalists, and Sukkot was a holiday of gathering and processing the harvest before winter. It was so important that the biblical name for Sukkot is HeChag – literally, the holiday.

Find at least 3 matching veggies or fruits in your houses. Discuss the 3 essential Jewish features of your home. Submit a photo of your matching veggies!

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

Day 2 Challenge 2

Today, many Jews eat as many of their meals as they can within their Sukkah over the holiday. There’s even a special blessing before every meal, leyshev b’Sukkah (to dwell in the Sukkah).

Make matching salads using at least the 3 matching vegetables or fruits but others can be added as well.

Photo submission. 5 Points.

Day 2 Challenge 3

Create a food-show style video describing your salad recipe and enjoying it together. Video should be no more than 30 seconds.

Video submission. 5 Points. 

**Prize Challenge**

Day 3

Day 3 Challenge 1

One fun ritual to celebrate Sukkot consists of bringing together a palm frond (lulav), a myrtle branch (hadass), a willow branch (aravah), and a citrus fruit called an etrog. The ancient rabbis interpreted each of these Four Species as representing a different kind of Jew, all of whom were brought together on Sukkot.

Create a meme showing the four types of people you encounter when dating. Discuss with your partner.

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

Day 3 Challenge 2

Use any materials (arts & crafts or actual items) to create representations of the Four Species of Sukkot.

Photo submission. 5 Points.

Day 3 Challenge 3

On every day of Sukkot (except for Shabbat!), we gather our lulav and etrog together and shake them three times in each of six directions: east, south, west, north, up, down. You’ve really got to shake your lulav so it makes a flapping sound; some commentaries even refer to this as the sound of “trees singing” from I Chronicles 16:33.

It’s time for a dance break. Create your own version of shaking the lulav & etrog with a set of synchronized dance movements. Submit video no more than 30 seconds.

Video submission. 5 Points. 

**Prize Challenge**

Day 4

Day 4 Challenge 1

Give your partner a quick (10 min max) tour of your neighborhood. Head outside on a walk with your partner in tow on your phone, or if this is not possible just describe it. Send us a photo of you giving a tour.

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

Day 4 Challenge 2

Write a poem together about the great outdoors and being out in nature, or about Sukkot, or about this Expedition Love experience. Your choice. Submit a photo of the poem.

Photo submission. 5 Points.

Day 4 Challenge 3

Draw a picture of you and your partner (stick figures will suffice) outside of your dream sukkah, star gazing at your astrological horoscope signs.

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

**Prize Challenge**

Day 5

Day 5 Challenge 1

What’s in a name? This holiday has LOTS of names: Sukkot (“booths”), Chag HaAsif (“Festival of Ingathering”), HeChag (“*the* Holiday”), and our favorite: zman simchateinu, the time of our joy!

Share your favorite childhood memory with your partner. Show off a photo of yourself as a kid! Submit your childhood photo.

Photo submission. 5 Points. 

Day 5 Challenge 2

Create a digital collage (or vision board) of you and your partner’s favorite things. At least 5 items should be displayed.

Photo submission. 5 Points.

Day 5 Challenge 3

Like on Hanukkah, on all eight days of Sukkot, we add a special morning service called Hallel. Hallel means praise and it involves lots of joyous song (think Chance the Rapper: “They want four-minute songs / You need a four-hour praise dance”).

What song did you have on blast as a teenager? Lip sync the chorus for your partner with the song playing in the background (YouTube is your friend). Submit a video of you or your partner lip syncing. Video should be no more than 30 seconds.

Video submission. 5 Points. 

**Prize Challenge**