Expedition Maker

Live Grand Finale

Hillel’s Projects

Week 1

Emotion Decoder Breastplate

This version of the Kohen Gadol’s (High Priest’s) breastplate helps look under the masks people put up so you can better understand how they’re feeling and be there for them in tough times. It’s made of cardstock, foam core, chandelier chain, and lens filters that decode colorized photos.

Week 2

Monument to (the people behind) Convenience

We’ve become so dependent on the convenience of food delivery and online shopping. The actual people who make all of this happen – cooks, warehouse workers, and delivery people – are the ones we really should be recognizing.

Week 3

Moon Cycle Perpetual Calendar

This calendar tracks the phases of the moon throughout the entire Jewish year, helps you match the lunar cycle with the secular year with an inset calendar, and has an accompanying travel moon-phase-on-the-go. It also has areas to write in intentions and wishes for the coming month, based on the traditional prayer for the new month.

Week 4

Havdallah in the City

This is a complete Havdallah set in the form of a city building, including water tower (wine cup), street lamp (Havdallah candle), Shavua Tov graffiti (spices–it’s made of allspice, curry, and ras el hanout), and mailbox (tzedakah box), with glow-in-the-dark signage on top reminding you to look up and see the 3 stars, smiling though a sundial so you can tell the solar time. It’s all about making ordinary objects holy, marking time through ritual, and filling our homes with light.