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Week 2 : Episode 2

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Idle Worship

Feb 28 – Mar 6, 2021

The Golden Calf is a well known false idol in the time of the Exodus. For week two, make something that represents or illuminates false idols of today.

  • What false idols have been revealed or illuminated during the pandemic?

  • When or how do we worship these idols, consciously or subconsciously — e.g. through idle means?

  • What do these idols show about our culture and society?

  • Torah Portion

    KI TISA: “Elevating” —

    Key Themes: Israelite Census at Mt Sinai; Building of the Golden Calf; Smashing of the first Stone Tablets (more info)

Week 2 Projects

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Alix Kramer

Let Boys Cry

A statement on the false idol of masculinity – an encouragement to socialize our children the same regardless of gender and encourage young boys to feel the spectrum of emotion.

Eli Kaplan Wildmann

The Game Of YOUR Life

To smash the false idol of our predetermined paths in life, this map of mandatory stops – BFA, LAX, PHD, U$D, 401K – becomes shattered when you open the tablet. The reverse side creates a diverse, colorful new personal path for you to play with, complete with game tokens and dice.

Hillel Smith

Monument to (the people behind) Convenience

We’ve become so dependent on the convenience of food delivery and online shopping. The actual people who make all of this happen – cooks, warehouse workers, and delivery people – are the ones we really should be recognizing.

Kayla Ginsburg

Prime Beef

A claymation that reveals the fall idol of the pandemic – Amazon! A PSA that our reliance on convenience comes at the cost of workers and small businesses.

Mia Schon

Jaffa Oranges

These mosaic-ed Jaffa oranges represent the complexities and many pieces of Israel that I came to understand after making Aliyah. It explores the Israeli and Palestinian narratives surrounding the Jaffa Orange.

Noam Mason

An Altar of Despair

Printed with a line evoking cycles and futility from Ecclesiastes, “The sun rises and the sun sets”, this ritual cloth is an altar to our own stubbornness. It plays with the idea of artists block and other experiences of feeling stuck in a cycle, and by burning it down attempts to free us from an over-focus on our perceived shortcomings.

(Eliminated Wk 2)

Rachel Jackson


It’s easy to chase the latest tool or gadget, but it’s the breath and intention of the maker that truly makes the piece. I made an inflatable tower featuring drawings of the tools that I use. When you turn off the air, it crumples into nothing.

(Eliminated Wk 2)

Yehoshua Hooper

For the Sake of Kodesh (Holiness)

This stained glass of a Shiviti – a visual meditative guide of a menorah utilized for contemplation over Hashem’s name (represented by the letter ‘Hei’) – was formed from four glass panels, each representing foreign sources/influences that I have given my attention to in the past or have struggle with.

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