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Week 3 : Episode 3

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New Moon Rising

March 7 – 13, 2021

Make a Ritual “Object” to be utilized for observing the New Month / New Year.

  • What does or could “observance” of the New Month / Year mean?

  • How is your ritual object used in this ritual observance?

  • How might physical objects play a role in observing or creating Jewish ritual to mark time and/or new transitions? What purpose have they traditionally played and/or could they play?

  • How do ritual objects interact with the space around them? What role do ritual objects have in sanctifying space and/or anchoring us within a space or time?

  • Torah Portion

    VAYAK’HEL / PEKUDEI: “Gathering / Counting” — Key themes: great assembling; designing & building the Mishkan (Holy “Tabernacle”); Gd with the Israelites as cloud by day, fire by night (more info)

  • Important Dates

    Rosh Chodesh (New Month of) Nisan (Mar 13-14)

    In the Jewish / Hebrew calendar, the months are delineated according to the lunar cycle — the new month aligns with the new moon.

    In both modern and ancient times, Rosh Chodesh is seen as an opportunity for women to gather in ritual space.

    Nisan is one of four New Years in the Jewish Calendar — this one is considered the New Year for the Jewish People.

Week 3 Projects

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Alix Kramer

Goodnight Moon

A lunar nightly ritual object for parent and child.

Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Steampunk Water Calendar

To experience the moon’s connection to birth, the cycles of life, and the natural world, this ritual involves pouring a drop of water from a different vial each of the 30 days of the month, and on the final day, using dyes to form a temporary artistic creation. A cellphone light will project the colors, filling your ceiling with a swirling, personal meditative moon.

Hillel Smith

Moon Cycle Perpetual Calendar

This calendar tracks the phases of the moon throughout the entire Jewish year, helps you match the lunar cycle with the secular year with an inset calendar, and has an accompanying travel moon-phase-on-the-go. It also has areas to write in intentions and wishes for the coming month, based on the traditional prayer for the new month.

Kayla Ginsburg

Moon On The Go!

A portable moon for your rituals on the go! This piece can fit in your pocket, fold out into a moon, and — with the help of your phone flashlight — transform your space into a starry night.

Mia Schon

Tastes of Season

Almost all produce in Israel is locally grown, and thus seasonal. Each month we are graced with delicious new tastes and colors. These collages made entirely of recycled magazines capture the vibrancy of the fruit or vegetable of the month.

Week 2 Winner – Immune from Week 3 Elimination

Yehoshua Hooper

Kiddush Levana

Inspired by the scroll casing typically found with Megillah Esther – I found it a fitting idea especially concerning the New Moon and its light awaiting to be revealed. I wanted to create a piece that I could use each month. I used two layers of metal sheet and used a pomegranate design to represent the spring time.

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