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Week 4 : Episode 4

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(or Jewish Standard Time)

March 14 – 20, 2021

Make a Jewish time-piece — i.e. a physical object for marking Jewish time.

  • Much of Jewish tradition revolves around sanctifying time — making time holy, special, or distinct. How might this be represented through physical form?

  • What does the combination of cyclical and linear mean for you?

  • What is the role or impact of repetition in the calendar and passage of time? Do repetition and ritual come together in meaningful ways?

  • Torah Portion

    VAYIKRA: “Calling In” Key Themes: Priestly sacrificial rituals, ritual purity, kashrut, calendar & cycles of time, agricultural & economic obligation (more info)

  • Important Dates

    Tekufat Nisan – Spring (vernal) Equinox (March 20)

    Daylight Saving Time starts March 14

Week 4 Projects

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Eli Kaplan Wildmann

The Musical Moments Calendar

Jewish time is marked not by the date, but rather by nature, food, light, and most of all – music! Use the wood blocks here to set an intention for yourself about how you will mark time in the upcoming weeks.

Hillel Smith

Havdallah in the City

This is a complete Havdallah set in the form of a city building, including water tower (wine cup), street lamp (Havdallah candle), Shavua Tov graffiti (spices–it’s made of allspice, curry, and ras el hanout), and mailbox (tzedakah box), with glow-in-the-dark signage on top reminding you to look up and see the 3 stars, smiling though a sundial so you can tell the solar time. It’s all about making ordinary objects holy, marking time through ritual, and filling our homes with light.

Mia Schon

4th Generation

I am a 4th generation female artist. Art runs in our family. The background of this self portrait is made up of images created by my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, and Aunts. Their creativity, wisdom, experience, and support make me the artist who I am today.

Yehoshua Hooper

Sefirot Ha’Omer: A Visual Guide for the Soul

This is a time piece, an invitation for the viewer to utilize during the counting of the omer. The illustration conveys the message of this journey, focusing on the particular sefirot (attribute) of each week while contemplating who they stand before (Hashem). Spring time reflects renewal – an opportunity to become partners in creation and counting the omer is an act of preparation so one will be ready to receive the Torah.

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